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Benna - europawns
Solo exhibition

21 - 29 April 2012

Critical text


21 - 29 April 2012

The exhibition is open all day every day.
Chat-vernissage live Friday 20 April from 6PM (GMT+1).

The nineteen caustic artworks of the recent series “europawns” make the body of this experimental show: a telematic exhibition with uncensored real-time chat-vernissage.
When the sensorialism of materials is relevant, the artworks should always be seen in the reality. Anyway, in cases like this, the black on white neatness of the prints from digital graphics makes it possible an adequate use even on the screen.

The artworks of this series keenly deal with the recent events of the Europeanism supporting socio-economic panorama, starting from the Italic territory and arriving to the global context that changes and bustles turbulently. For this reason these artworks are ephemeral: they will become soon obsolete as the politics’ figurants, which are alternating in the parliaments of the self-styled international class of politics. Or perhaps they will become totemic milestones of a bad story not to forget.
The events are so fast that there is no time to find the right words on these arguments or to realize a well structured exhibition before the panorama had already changed: it is necessary to act, offering visibility to the engaged artists. And, what is more adequate than an exhibition that can be seen in all the world, wherever there is an internet access?

This is not the time to show objects of art for sale, indeed it would be good to open the speech, to expose one’s own point of view. Time passes by, the pawns on the European chessboard are changing, but the game is always as before, the Agenda is always the same. Horrible heads fall down, but considering them just incompetent would be an illusion, and under even more abominable ones are rising, all theatrical sacrificial victims by Superior Order.
It is lamented the overruling of national governments, but it is not understood that the national governments had already prepared this way overruling the people of their rights, of the control on who and how to govern, and even of the decision for themselves, to the point that by now the citizen would be pleased with just a right whatsoever, as long as seen on television. Indeed people always decided nothing, they were just lead to believe it.

The beloved, old and pointless satire never solved people’s problems, indeed, it has aggravated them, because it is just an escape-valve for the constriction, to free the rage with a laughter. The artworks of the “europawns” series may even seem just satirical, but they prove glacial lucidity and unbiased acrimony in judging the decrepit and corrupted incivility of Homo venalicus. More than raising a smile, they lead to think, and perhaps they make aware or raise the wish to deepen by exchanging informations; this is the intent that the show purposes.

The exhibition event is virtually sited in Brussels, which time zone (GMT +1) has been adopted as reference for the opening time of the vernissage.


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