Viva Ai Weiwei
Reference artist of our times

by Jizaino, 30 March 2020

The much famous artist Ai Weiwei has recently been criticised for a supposedly harsh comment against Italians and their relation with China in a difficult time. It’s useless to go on further about the debate between points of view that can’t meet, you might know that already or you can do a search for yourself.

The scornful way with which he pressed the Italians is nonetheless extremely opportune, at least because they are guilty of sloth and compliance to an oppressive government that joined, as usual, what it considered the actually strongest power, that is in this epoch China. Before it was the Nazis, then the United Nations, now China.

Absolutely I love China’s culture, the Chinese people and their traditions, its great philosophers enlightened thinkers, as much as the Italian ones, but not their contemporary government. China is no more the one of Lao Tzu, it’s a large oligarchic capitalism that’s hidden behind the diaphanous spectres of a just socialism that is dead and cremated.

China is the largest, overbearing and asphyxiating dictatorship of the world, their government succeed in subjugating extremely efficiently two billions of individuals; this captivates the rulers of other nations, even if they pretend to be fighting China and self-proclaim as democratic and free, while they have the same intents.
Now Chinese dictatorship is invading the world, with its A.I. technology for mass surveillance, Australia already acquired the Chinese technology, the Chinese government is a danger for individual freedom, first of all of the artists, a danger for the free thought, for the freedom of expression.

Do you know what living in China does mean? Do you know what you can see, tell or do on the internet in China? Do you know that the Chinese government is forcing a system of “social credit” for which millions of people have been prevented to travel by train or flight just because they are disliked by the government?
Do you know that many Chinese youngsters not even know about the riots of Tienanmen Square?

Think about it.

The western world is becoming at fast pace always more “Chinese”, or rather the totalitarian power in today’s China has acquired all the worst features of the turbo-capitalism, from the worst oligarchy of techno-bureaucratic oppressors.

It’s good to remember that Ai Weiwei, artist, disobedient, dissident, has been incarcerated for defending his own thought.
Ai Weiwei flew his own country, from his traditions, from what he loves, like many of “lucky” fellow citizens, exiles in search for freedom. But day after day he is stumbling again upon the shadow of Chinese government wherever he goes, dictatorship is spreading like oil on the sea surface.
Italy in few decades has become a highly “Chinesized” country, where oppression become every day more heavy and asphyxiating, Ai Weiwei is doing well treating the sleeping Italians with the same despise with which he whacked Chinese government since ever.
In this case it’s not much important the message, but against who is directed and the reasons at the origin, in this sense the despise is never gratuitous. Italy, already far ahead with the oppression of people, has now chosen China and its formidable dictatorship model.

Do you know that hundreds dissident Chinese artists are incarcerated, and many more are kept under control and in fear of being incarcerated?

Think about it.

In our times, Ai Weiwei, along each one of the many dissident artists, is the model artist, who should be taken as example by the artists of all the world, whatever their ideological inclination is, to defend the most precious common good, which is seriously in danger today: freedom.

Never Sorry”, Ai Weiwei

Yue Minjun, “Garbage Hill”, 2003
Acrylic on canvas, 198 × 278 cm

Guo Jian, “The Square”, 2014
Diorama installation. Pork mince, mixed media

Wang Shihua, Cang Xin, Gao Yang, Zuoxiao Zuzhou, Ma Zongyin, Zhang Huan, Ma Liuming, Zhang Binbin and Zhu Ming, “To Add One Meter to an Anonymous Mountain”, 1995
Body Art

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