Artists olly oxen free
Decomposition of the system in favour of a new mankind

by Jizaino, 14 July 2019

Cupids playing hide-and-seek, fresco from Herculaneum

How many people do you know who pass their lives doing a whatever job but dreamed of doing something else? A lot, isn’t it? We may say that the majority of people have a long-cherished dream, to dedicate themselves to Art, that is anything possibly unprofitable. In fact, the world is actually characterised by dissatisfaction, inasmuch this is functional to the compulsive consumerism. Those persons, only as elders, after having spent all energies of youth to feed the Moloch of economy, if they have strength and did not blow out the flame of will, do approach again their passion for the very few years before to die, in a feeble swansong which however extinguishes into a swamp, desolate because it lays among millions of deaf people, all distracted and devoted to a world that burns most of the human energy to satisfy yearning, greed, supporting profit, corruption, injustice, abuse, war, the evil, as well as to patch the perennial damage caused to oneself and the environment.

In late generations we can identify an evident detachment from the worldly things, even thou often sublimated in the annihilation by the use of drugs or in the stupefaction, the trip of any kind. We must admit that there is a fundamental malaise: that of not being able to freely express one’s own soul, of being forced to adapt it to the logics of profit, of  the market, in other words to be forced to sell, or sell out, oneself.

Always more youth feel the call of Art, of the sublime, for something that could elevate this damned human race from the slavery of profit, of commercialisation, of “mors tua vita mea”, for a world of solidarity, higher, sincere, clear.
Listen to the child: he knows what he needs: freedom and love. If today always more youth are “unenthusiastic”, have no desire to “work” -, word inappropriately used with the meaning of selling one’s own life,- it is a good sign, as we are witnesses of an increase of the chances for humanity to emancipate from idiocy, from brutality, from the usurpation of the fundamental rights of a living being by the system of privileges, the power.

Today, as agreed by most affirmed art critics and theorists, we are counting an enormous number of artists compared to the past: Art spreads at any level and pervades the soul of individuals, always more people, even just as amateurs of in the spare time, dedicate themselves to an artistic activity, whether painting or singing. We are watching the dawn, hopefully, of a golden age of lyricism, of poetry, of spiritual research, of love for the muses, of philosophic logic, of reason.

If this is the will of the human being, then the system must conform, adapt to this will, this need. The social world, not telling the financial one (that I would like to see crumble and vanish), must be founded on the occupations loved by people: not making cars or warships, not exploiting one’s own counterparts speculating in the Stock Market, not pursuing richness to buy the subjugation of the others, but becoming human beings, sympathetic, who express themselves and interact, who share the good of Nature without the need of ruling it, who work (in the proper meaning of the word) to achieve psychophysical wellness in full freedom, of one’s own and of others, with no barriers, no hate, no need to dominate the others, respecting the harmony that only the vocation for Art can promote to the soul.

For this reason, Art, as I assert since ever, is not, and must never become, an employment, a “work”, a way to get profit, but the means to emancipate ourselves from the ruling socio-economic system.

Artists! Be bold: create to free yourselves, we shall still suffer, but the more we will be the more we will win.

The world will be finally free when everybody will be Artists, Poets and Philosophers.

Jizaino -