First Innaturalista collective
The first event organized by the new movement

review by Jizaino, 29 May 2009

Prima collettiva Innaturalista (First Innaturalista collective)
First event organized by the new artistic movement born at the beginning of this year.
ISARTE - Corso Garibaldi 2 - Milan (Italy)
from 29 May to 13 June 2009
opening times: 10.00-13.00 and 15.00-19.00, closed on Sunday and Monday[]>

Luca Palazzi, "Lottatori" (Wrestlers)
2008, acrylic and oil pastels on canvas, 80 x 100 cm

In the contemporary context market's logics have spread; the market, even though celebrated by the presumptuous adjective "global", still have the usual and worn characteristics of that of a local quarter; many artists and the masses are driven by the yells that hail the god of the productivity to excess.
In this panorama a new voice named Innaturalismo comes, a movement that openly incites to denounce the situation, but also proposes new alternatives.

We often hear discussions about this situation from the people in the Art field, often these voices do not have a due echo, or do not even want to have it, other times one comes to the conclusion that it is not possible to avoid the events.

Then Innaturalismo is a sincere movement, that finally wants to publicly speak and without circumventions.
Certainly the way with which it is expressed can result hot tempered, violently iconoclast, but their vision of the world has been since too much time trampled down, and now it rises up with a desire of revenge.

Alfio Catania, "Concetto di disunit√† e false armonie (Caino e Abele a Babele)" (Concept of disjunction and false harmonies (Cain and Abel in Babylon), 2007, oil and mixed technique on canvas, 80x80 cm
Perhaps it may result too difficult to digest, since when by now one has got too deeply in the wrong path, thinking to return back is much more difficult rather than to continue awkwardly with the hope to find a way out.

After that the impulse of these artists has been given, now the task of the public is to undertake in the listening, to read between the lines, because often, in a world deranged by yells for all and none, one cannot even tell what the best voices are.

Steadiness of the thought and stoicism in the deny of oneself, even to one's detriment, the avoidance of the coils of the market's adulations and its bugle calls, since such a gesture would mean to give more sap to this perverse system.

Not reserving anyway more attention to the words, that are the same weapon used by what in this context one wish to oppose, the artworks better know how to express one's own intimate thought.
The artworks of the artists introduced by this exposition are evidently coherent, with the same determination they express their vision of the world, with concepts that are joining like notes in a symphony, almost in unison.

Although using those styles that have often characterized the XX century, in this moment of media conformism, the conceptual message that they bring is something innovative, because it is the content to be the fulcrum of these artworks, that necessarily go to constitute the ineluctable foundations of the movement.

Fulvio Martini
"2000 anni d’amore" (2000 years of love), 2007
acrylic on paper, 30x25 cm

The exhibiting artists: Silvano Bruscella, Alfio Catania, Fulvio Martini, Luca Palazzi, Jimmy Rivoltella, Alessandro Scapinelli, Skawalker.

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